A scheduler for serverless applications

Delay allows to schedule requests to your serverless application. You can invoke a function with a delay, in a given time or periodically.

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Why Delay?

Save time and money on infrastructure. A custom scheduler requires complex setup. To get started with Delay you won't have to write workers' code and provision servers.

Avoid risks. We keep software up-to-date, monitor servers 24/7 and regularly backup your data. Delay does tedious work for you, so you can peacefully sleep during the night.

Stay lean. To use Delay you don't need to install dependencies or learn new technologies. Delay works with any language and service provider. Use Delay is as easy as sending an HTTP request.

Scheduler Features

Flexible scheduling. Schedule a request to send with a delay, on a specific time or periodically.

Delay understands cron. You can schedule recurring tasks using the cron syntax.

REST API. Access and control scheduled tasks using REST API.

Dashboard. You can access scheduled requests list using web interface. You'll see how many requests you send and how many have failed.

Monitoring. We'll notify you when a request fails.

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